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Shared exclamations . 13 women artist. 

Making a selection of works, putting them to dialogue as a whole in a given space and also, presenting them within an exhibition so that they are seen individually and collectively, is a practice that, although common in artistic endeavor, requires a certain degree of demand, typical of the complexities of the artists and the exhibition.

Doing the same only with works by creative women, creates an even greater challenge that compromises not only the knowledge that art brings together, but also an infinity of essential particularities of each one of them that, in addition to their concerns, they drag behind them a historical accumulation of deliberate omissions.

The stimulating proposal presented by the José Amar Gallery and The Light Gallery, fused with a common purpose in this exhibition, is aimed precisely at that, to give joint visibility to a group of women artists who, beyond their conceptual interests and formal languages, share an intrinsic clamor for the expansion of their voices that in unison resonate in and for art and its surrounding spectrum. And so, witnessing this gesture, I participate with caution and thoughtfulness in it, understanding what is currently established in our imaginary and that it is nothing more than promoting the articulated union of camaraderie, protection and impulse that reinforces the image of  that I once read: “women like waters: when they come together they grow”.

Santiago Velez. Curator.

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