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Santiago Medina

Lives and works in USA and Italy.


Many of the sculptures are without a supporting base allowing them to be totally free in time and space. The sculptures can be placed vertically or horizontally allowing multiple interpretations. The collector becomes part of the artistic experience.

All the sculptures are made with the highest quality Italian stainless steel available

imported from Milan. They are hand made by welding Italian stainless steel plates together, piece by piece, creating sculptures full of movement and light.

The surfaces are finished in a high quality mirror finish intertwined with fish scale and opaque highlights to accentuate the planes and depth of the sculpture. Some sculptures have a special tinted finish such as red and blue, which allows the stainless steel full reflectivity and adds a beautiful color palette to the sculpture.

Sculptor Santiago Medina Italian stainless steel sculptures are at marquee public art venues worldwide such as Harvard, Stanford University, City of Miami-Pinecrest Circle, Tufts, Washington University, Historical Pinecrest Botanical Garden-Miami, Florida International University, Miami Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Boca Raton Hospital, Historical Biltmore Hotel, Echo Aventura Luxury Condominiums, CES Contemporary Art Museum, Miami Country Day School, Nutibara Sculpture Park, The Parker Company, Belship Company, Leonisa Internacional among many others. With Henry Moore he is one of the few sculptors to have a permanent monumental sculpture at Harvard University. He is the only Colombian-American artist to have a permanent monumental sculpture at Harvard

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