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Jonathan Chaparro

In this project Jonathan Chaparro reflects on the interweaving of emotions, memories and aesthetics built between generations in intimate spaces.

The project was built from a series of visits, conversations and observation done in the house where Jonathan's paternal grandparents lived for the past fifty years. The house is located in the south of Bogotá, in the Santa Lucía neighbourhood. During the observation the artist realised the strange connection that existed between the bodies of his grandparents and the space. One of the scenes that greatly affected him was when he observed his grandparents lying on their bed looking at the mirror on the dressing table, with a lost gaze . The image in the mirror and the gloomy atmosphere of the site led Jonathan to perceive them as if they were immersed in a different time, isolated from the present. From that moment on, he aimed to recreate the space and the time of his grandparents' memories at that instant. He relied on the inverted virtual image of the mirror of that dressing table to imagine his grandparents’ ghostly bodies inhabiting that house in the past. Just like Alice when she went through the mirror, Jonathan imagined himself crossing a portal to a place where his body could be dematerialized to reach the place in which his grandparents’ minds were.

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