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Cecilia Paredes

Born in Lima, Peru in 1950, Cecilia is an artist who uses photography, performance and installations to express herself. She lives in Philadelphia, where she is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Her work transcends universal themes, especially thoserelated to the power of nature, the feminine and changes such as Migration. Among her most known works of photography are "Landscapes " in which. she camouflages herself and uses her own body as a canvas for body painting.

2015 Bienal de la Habana. Cuba

2013. Hermitage Museum Solo exhibition. Valdimir Palace. StPetesburg. Russia

2010 – MMOMA Moscow Museum of Moder Art. Russia

2010 –Cerca– Banco Mundial, Washington DC USA

2007 Museo de Arte Costarricense San José Costa Rica

2005 . Venice Biennale. Italy

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